- Riesling-Shiraz-Viognier on a Single Estate -


Our Vineyard

We have 2.5 hectares of Riesling, Shiraz and Viognier, and in addition we have planted (in late 2017) four new pinot noir clones and two new chardonnay clones which extends the vineyard to 10 hectares.


Healthy Soils for Productive Vines

Loam over clay soils are ideal for cool climate grape production  and produce classic Tamar Valley wines. Natural mulched animal fertilizer is used to boost soil nutrition and structure.

Integrated pest and disease management is practised to minimise inputs and maintain healthy vines. Grass sward is managed between the vines to maintain biodiversity and to minimise erosion.

Four Blocks

Old Shiraz : 0.79 Ha easterly slope to Tamar River planted 1999.

New Shiraz : 0.67 Ha northerly aspect planted 2013.

Riesling : 0.91 Ha northerly aspect facing Ruffins Bay nestled in the Tamar River Estuary planted 1999.

Viognier : 0.15 Ha easterly slope to Tamar River planted 1999.


The Vine Year

The vine canopy is carefully managed all year round by Tom and Joy for healthy productive vines yielding high quality fruit. Sunlight penetrating into the fruit zone is the goal. Hand pruned for intelligent vineyard decision making, and hand picked to maintain premium fruit quality throughout.

Waterton Hall Wines logo

Here is our Waterton Hall Wines map - take a look (pdf).

Vineyard Varietals Map
Waterton Hall Estate
Waterton Hall Wines vineyard
ripening grapes
Tucking of grape vines - Waterton hall Wines
Sunset over the Waterton Hall Wines Estate

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Our grape vines in winter - Waterton hall Wines

Who We Are

We are a four-person team nurturing and caring for our vineyard, and the creators of our beautiful cool climate white and red wines.

The owners of Waterton Hall Wines plus Basil

From left to right and foreground…

John Carter, Belinda Evans, Susan Shannon, David Shannon.

And Basil Evans-Carter our Marketing Manager.




A taste of heritage

0417 834 781

61 Waterton Hall Rd Rowella 7270, Tasmania

[Visiting and tasting by Appointment only]

[Liquor Licence# 54145]

It is against the law to sell or obtain alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.




Gravelly Beach

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Bonnie Beach at Kayena

Iron Pot Bay Vineyard & Cafe, Rowella

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Moon Lily Kitchen & Cakes, Beaconsfield (03) 6383 1120

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